Thought-provoking post! There seem to be two issues you’re addressing: 1) “tax-dodging” and 2) marketing strategies. I’ll stay away from the tax-dodging side of things (although to play devil’s advocate, perhaps it’s not quite so black and white as simply being a case of tax-dodging). I agree wholeheartedly with you on the marketing side of things. I work for a small International NGO and we’ve had several frank discussions about the type of image we want to portray in our marketing materials. We want to show the *results* of our work so that people can envision the possibilities that are unleashed when they choose to support us with a financial contribution; we very intentionally stay away from gratuitous photos of people suffering in squalid conditions (which, as you rightly point out, seems to be a strategy that plays to people’s guilt more than people’s desires to make the world a little better).