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2 Things about today

1. It’s my birthday

2. A man called Troy Davis, is going to be executed in Georgia, USA

I had the loveliest morning this morning. My gorgeous boyfriend laid out an amazing breakfast of croissants, fruit and coffee, bought me some beautiful presents and was generally wonderful. I’m having lunch with my family and drinks with my friends later on and I feel a very lucky girl indeed.

When things are this good I find it’s easy to forget what’s going on around me. When I had a quick look on Twitter this morning I saw that activists had lost their fight for Troy  Davis, a man due to be executed in Georgia tonight after being convicted on unreliable evidence. I signed the Amnesty petition for him a few days ago but when I realised this morning that he was due to be executed on my birthday it put things in sharp perspective. It’s a difficult thought that there’s a man on the other side of the Atlantic sitting in a cell knowing he has just a few more hours of life left.

So, while my friends raise a glass this evening I’ll have Troy and his family in my thoughts. I’ll remember how lucky I am and how much responsibility I have to do something positive with everything I’ve been given.

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